Employee Background Check Policy

by Payback Repo Inc dba PRI, Management


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for conducting pre-employment background checks on candidates and annual checks for existing employees. Background checks help assess qualifications and suitability for particular roles.


This policy applies to all pre-employment and annual background checks conducted on candidates and current employees.


  • Checks will be conducted as permitted by applicable laws including FCRA.
  • Signed consent forms required prior to all background checks.
  • Results used solely for employment decisions and kept confidential.
  • Adverse action based on results will consider relevance, severity, recency and other factors.
  • Pre-adverse and adverse action notices provided as required by law.
  • Background check records securely stored and destroyed after set retention periods.


Pre-employment Background Checks

  • Criminal history and sex offender registry search
  • Employment history and education verification
  • Professional/personal reference checks
  • Drug testing
  • Motor vehicle record check if driving required

Existing Employee Background Checks

  • Criminal history check annually
  • Drug testing with reasonable cause
  • Motor vehicle check annually for drivers
  • Credit check if job-related
  • Re-verification of credentials as needed

Notice and Consent

  • Disclosure statement to candidates/employees
  • Signed consent required prior to all checks
  • Results not shared externally without consent

Adverse Action

  • Individualized assessment of negative results
  • Consider job-relevance, severity, time elapsed
  • Provide pre-adverse action notice where required
  • Provide FCRA summary of rights
  • Follow stipulated adverse action procedures

FCRA Compliance

  • Use only CRA-compliant background check firms
  • Provide notices, disclosures, consents as required
  • Follow rules on procuring, using, destroying reports

Record Handling

  • Closely guard all background check information
  • Store securely for duration required by law
  • Destroy records after retention period expires

Through judicious background screening balanced with individual assessment, we aim to make informed hiring decisions and ensure ongoing safety. Our commitment is to handle checks ethically and securely to protect candidate and employee rights.

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