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Leveraging 17 years of experience in repo data analytics, PRI provides repossession services and solutions to mitigate risk and maximize asset recovery.

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Services - Harnessing Data Insights for Safe and Strategic Collateral Recovery

Historical Patterns Power Precise, Secure Asset Repossession

  • Optimize Efficient Repossessions. Leverage data-driven insights to focus your resources on recoverable assets. Our technology prioritizes which debts to pursue for the highest probability of asset retrieval, enabling streamlined, successful repossessions.
  • Detect Assets Quickly and Precisely. Our advanced LPR technology and predictive analytics identify and locate your collateral rapidly and accurately. By combining real-time sightings and historical data, we maximize the probability of asset recovery.
  • Track Down Difficult Debtors. Through proprietary AI tracing methods, we uncover verified addresses to find debtors who abscond with your assets. Our tools provide actionable intelligence based on sightings of vehicles linked to the debtor for strategic recoveries.
  • Repossess With Care and Adherence. We utilize advanced tools but never lose sight of regulatory standards and safety protocols. Our field agents are highly trained to execute compliant, cautious recoveries of your assets. With technology plus human oversight, we aim to reinvent repossession as both innovative and prudent..

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